Mythology is now more than just beliefs from ancient civilisations... it now belongs to your imagination! Create thousands of weird and wonderful Gods, Supreme Beings, Demons, Spirits and Monsters! Create ancient legends and folklore and gods of everything from fertility to fluff on Mythology Fan Wiki...

So, come on! Start creating!

the wiki

Hello, {{{1}}}, and welcome to Mythology Fan Wiki. Our co-founders here are Inferno999 and The battle dragon trainer. Contact them if you have any questions. You can also contact our b-crat, Blindsighter101. Please also join our affiliate wiki, Fantasy Creature Creator Wiki.

Random Gods

  • Bils, Rembisk God of Balance
  • Estal, Rembisk Goddess of Light
  • Riva, Rembisk Goddess of Life
  • Notara, Rembisk Goddess of the Music

Recent Activity

for more recent activity, visit Wiki Activity.

Other Wikis

The battle dragon trainer and I have a series of wikis which are listed here:

Before we created these wikis, we were on these wikis:

And, for other sites, see here:

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