The Warr is the realm of the Warra in Rembisk mythology.

MythsMake Myths

CreationMake Myths

The Warr was made by Cyrr, and then given to Rasos to rule it.

The Sorting of SoulsMake Myths

As soon as a soul is taken to the Warr by the Tyma, it is taken to the Talkat, the Chamber of Sorting. There, Rasos and his Talkoran, Sorters, choose the soul's path. If the soul was evil during his life, they were sent to the Salos, where they had to slave away to the Tyma. If the soul was normal, they were sent to the Molan, where their life would be just as above, but with much more souls. If the soul was exceptionally good, they were taken to the Camarint, the Door of Rintas, where they were taken by the Etila, and given a choice. They could be reborn as a great king, or made into a god.

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