Tekos is the god of arachnids. It is currently rumored that he has a son named Tekaal.

There is no picture of him
Mythology: Greek
Gender: Male
God of: Arachnids
Good/Evil Rating: Evil
Pronunciation: Tek-o
Alternate Names: Demon of betrayal
Creator: DistortedShadow34

Info Make Myths

Not much is known about him, other than the created Centipedes and other creatures related to them.

Though he is dead. Almost forgotten.

History Make Myths

Some say he fought with Zeus to lock away Chronos, others say he was Hercules's son. Well, he fought with Zeus to lock away Chronos, but he isn't Hercules's son which would be weird. Tekos wasn't called that until he was locked away, before he was Arachnomasa. After the betrayal (when he was the one who ACTUALLY killed Hercules), he was locked away in the underworld. Years passed, until one day he broke out, summoned the titans once more and then the age of darkness reigned upon the world. This had happened for 50 years, until finally, Athena and Phobos finally killed him. Now, he known as Tekos, because Tek was his name and caused the phobia of spiders, which are arachnids.

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