Gender: Male
God of:
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Creator: Inferno999

Tamara is the god of the moon and guardian of Rintas in Rembisk mythology.

MythsMake Myths

Birth/CreationMake Myths


Guardian of RintasMake Myths

After his brother Wariut's accomplishment of becoming guardian of Rintas, Tamara was overcome by Geroto, the Anossa of jealousy. He told the Warra what Wariut was doing, and they seised Wariut so he would watch over the Warr instead. After this happened, Tamara felt bad. Sallem and Rasos made a deal, that Wariut would spend twelve hours in Rintas and twelve hours in the Warr. While Wariut was in the Warr, Tamara guarded Rintas.

AbilitiesMake Myths

  • Lunakinesis - Tamara's staff, Alyum, gives him full control over the moon.
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