Monis is a large nation with high mountains, grassy plains, vast deserts and huge seas.

Pantheon Make Myths

Komi Gods Make Myths

  • Izeru, God of the Sea
  • Miaz, Goddess of the Beach
  • Ako, God of Shells
  • Pocrandi, God of Fish
  • Conde, Goddess of Birds
  • Ainte, Goddess of Jellyfish
  • Taikon, God of Death
  • Quon, Goddess of Plants and Coral
  • Ro, God of Tricks
  • Okeme, Goddess of The Moon

Zoda Gods Make Myths

  • Moko, Titan King
  • Ambe, Titan Queen
  • Krest, Titan General
  • Tresk, Titan Spy
  • Mob, Titan Traitor (Deceased)

Ilk Gods Make Myths

  • Kom, The Crow
  • Vir, The Cat
  • Liek, The Bat
  • Opa, The Pihrana
  • Zern, The Spider
  • Opeo, The Mole
  • Kin, The Dragon

Or Gods Make Myths

  • Hou, The Fire God
  • Drek, The Storm God
  • Ino, The Water-Money Goddess
  • Zedkos, The Sand God

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