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Meependale is a secret mythological world that nobody knew of until now. It was first mentioned in a legendary prediction by the secret meep screw society.

Gods Make Myths

Like all mythological worlds, Meependale needs gods. Here's a list of all of them.

  • Snowiukiukiukiukiuki: President god, also god of atheism
  • TemoyTemoy: The creator of MEEPENDALE, also goddess of clothes and design
  • Rapunzattenumantha: Goddess of music
  • PlayStation Portable: Goddess of gaming and stars
  • Eclipsa Tanaka: Goddess of colors
  • MarkaraKPOP: Goddalien of space technology
  • TaPaT: Goddess of anime
  • Sweet Sweet Alex: Goddess of dinosaurs and bunnies
  • Paigevsashtonirwinshaters: Goddess of fandoms
  • 3 galaxies: Goddess of surprise
  • AbandonsolTheHiroicChickenPone: Former goddess of horses, currently missing
  • Pixitteen: Former goddess of cats, crime and royalty, currently missing

Mythological creatures Make Myths

Like all realms, this realm also needs mythological creatures.

  • tEMMIEs: Temmies, also known as secret achievement creatures, are mysterious dog-cat-hybrids. They eat temmie flakes for breakfast and spam for dinner.
  • Llamacorns: They are a mysterious species of beings. The llamacorn population is currently unknown but it is thought to be much larger than what is currently known. The main llamacorn is called Faitheren.
  • Hylians: An elf-/human-like species that is known to get its members mixed up by people. Members include Link "not Zelda" the Hero and Zelda "actually Zelda" of Hyrule.
  • Annoying dogs: These dogs are known to steal our meeps. Some dogs are not only annoying, but also legendary.
  • Memes: Memes are the most famous mythological creature. The most famous memes include Pepe and Doge.
  • Triangles: Triangles are a powerful species. Their most notable trait is only having one eye. Famous triangles include Bill "Yellow Illuminati" Cipher and The "Loomynarty" Illuminati.
  • Salemeians: Salemeians are a species of mysterious people connected to Eclipsa. Those include Additional Fire and Ghost Guy.

Continents Make Myths

MEEPENDALE contains 4 continents, which are:

  • Whitehousia: The main continent of MEEPENDALE where the leading is done. Currently uninhabited.
  • Fabalandia: A continent inhabited by TemoyTemoy and the leading fashion continent. The most populated continent out of the 4.
  • Criminencia: A continent dedicated to rainbows and prisons. Mostly uninhabited.
  • Witchcrafitia: A continent dedicated to withcraft, inhabited by Sweet Sweet Alex.