God Of All That Is Space
Mythology: Smoakith
Gender: Unknown
God of: Smoak
Good/Evil Rating: Unknown
Pronunciation: Ko-Ee
Alternate Names: Mr Universe, Almighty, Ruler
Creator: SmokaMocha

Smoakith God of All

Koe has existed for as long as time itself, his form consists of all the known universe, and he's only active every 100,000 years, where he must take reports from the documenting god, Dronelphia, to catch up by hearing whats been going on every few thousand centuries, and then he slumbers again, and lets the universe do their thing.

Myths Make Myths

Creation/Birth Make Myths

When the world was all darkness, Koe was a single spec of dust, but then he separated into 2 specs of dust, Koe talked with this unsuspected twin, until the twin separated into 2, just like they did, Koe was confused, he asked questions about where he was, but then over a course of time, the first galaxy was born, Koe was part of all of it, and his power was at his fingertips, then he learned, and created another galaxy, and his form manifested into that galaxy aswell, the more he created, the larger he became, until he was the biggest he could get, and he grew tired, he created his only daughter, Dronelphia, and told her to come back to him in 100,000 years, to tell him how the universe has been hanging, and then he slept, and when the time comes, he will wake, and the universe will shift once more, before he slumbers again.

Influence Make Myths

those who feel earthquakes in Smoak, believe that this is a sign of Koe waking, but this is mostly not true.

Abilities Make Myths

  • Creation - Can manifest any object and entity into a physical form, be it a human, a god, a beast, or a titan, Koe can make it, but he'd rather let the universe create what it wants
  • Stellar Embodiment - Can only die once all stars in his form die, so he's gonna live for a while
  • Life Inducement - Has the ability to revive any mortal, but he must be woken and spoken to before this can be done.