Dragoria is a world by TBDT

Gods Make Myths

Elite Make Myths

  • Astror- King of the Gods, God of the Moon
  • Sunlis- Queen of the Gods, Goddess of the Sun

Major Make Myths

  • Rockell- God of Earth
  • Arenair- Goddess of Air
  • Warron- God of War
  • Loveius- Goddess of Love

Minor Make Myths

  • Aurenus- Goddess of Aura
  • Cupren- God of Storage
  • Bowranus- Goddess of the Hunt
  • Musicalus- God of Music

Beastiary Make Myths

  • Dracorius Zapperi
  • Wisporan Dracor
  • Polaris Rex
  • Aquaterra Earthers

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