Antak is a civilisation.

Antaki GodsMake Myths

  • Cordu, the creator and god of clouds
  • Maraf, the transformer and god of rain
  • Lunt, the destroyer and god of lightning
  • Abua, the successor and goddess of rainbows

Creation MythMake Myths

Once upon a time, there were three brothers: Cordu, the creator, Maraf, the transformer, and Lunt, the destroyer. They were bitter rivals, and would constantly have quarrels about who the strongest of them was. When the brothers quarrelled, while storms would happen, and drops of water, the blood of the gods, would fall from the heavens. When Abua, the younger sister, finally came to cease the fighting, the storms would stop, the clouds would part, and Abua's light would shine on the sky in the form of a rainbow.

It's not a creation myth, but its important.

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